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Rhode Island Web Design – 5 Core Principles 

5 Core Principles Of Web Design 

Rhode Island Web design comprises of various skills that are combined in producing and maintaining websites. It is not just about designing your website, it also involves marketing. It’s simply a way of marketing your products or services to potential visitors. Several factors influence how people use your website. Having a website that is beautifully designed is one thing, but the user experience is the most important. How easy is it to navigate your website? A website designed poorly, will attract fewer visits from users compared to one that is designed with users in mind. This piece will explore five principles of web design that every website owner should implement. 

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Rhode Island Web Design

Rhode Island Web Design – 5 Principles of Web Design

Aim and Objective

A good web design should be focused on meeting the needs of the user. Whether your visitors are in search of news, entertainment, business or any other thing, your website should be able to portray an explicit purpose of satisfying the user’s need effectively.2. Your Website Should be InformativeA perfect Rhode Island web design should depict precise information that would be easily digestible by the user. This implies organizing your communicative elements in clear terms to avoid diverting from the main point. For instance, the use of lengthy statements in a trivial manner can be avoided and replaced with headlines and bullets.  

3. Font size, Font Style and Texting Spacing An ideal font size should be between 14px to 16px so reading online would be easy. Excess use of decorative font styles should be avoided. Instead, styles like Arial black and Times New Roman can be used since they are bold and clear. Also, a web design should not contain more than three different font styles to avoid making your information ambiguous. Line spacing texts is also an important factor to consider as this would make it easy for readers to understand.

4. Your Website Should Be Innovative

Your web design should be impressive and portray creativity. However, this should be displayed simply and uniquely to avoid distracting the user from the main aim of your page.

5. Accessibility 

If people try to access your website and it doesn’t work, or they do not meet the requirements, it automatically becomes irrelevant for them. You should look out for expired or broken links to avoid sending users back to the search page as nothing annoys web users more than seeing a 404 page. Furthermore, while designing your website, it should not be restricted to some users. Everyone should be able to access your site through any device.

Make it your aim to make your visitors happy. Keep them in mind while designing, you should do proper research about your target audience to ensure that their needs are met. Web design Rhode Island should be done effectively to meet client needs.

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