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The Importance of a Mobile Website and having SSL Installed

Websites have become a part of everything we do on the internet: they’re a great way to show the world what our brand is all about and offering our content, services and/or products with style, personality and even a bit of swagger. That’s branding at its finest.

But we cannot only focus on having a great website. Sure, that helps a lot and we’re well-aware of that, but there are certain aspects that are mandatory and that we have to accomplish in order to achieve success with our digital brand.

Here we are going to talk about two elements that are essential to any modern website: a mobile-friendly version and having SSL installed.

“But wait! Why do I need my website to be mobile-friendly?”

In the words of Pearl Jam: do the evolution! Progress is something that we can’t avoid when it comes to digital endeavors (and, well, when it comes to any aspect of life, really), so it’s important we embrace these changes and having a mobile-friendly website is one of them. Why? Well, here we have a few reasons:

  • The rise of Smartphones. Long gone are the days when Smartphones were available to only a handful of people; nowadays they are very affordable to all kinds of users and that makes internet connections through their cellphones much more recurrent, so there’s a big demand on the market for websites that can adapt to this platform.
  • It allows for much more connection. One big benefit from mobile internet is that people can use anywhere and that’s great for you if your website is mobile-friendly: you are going to have bigger possibilities of reach and that is going to play a big role for your website in terms of internet traffic. In fact, it has been proven that more than 60% of people all over the world log into the internet through their phones, which links directly to the following point.
  • It’s only going to get more important. The honest-to-God truth here is the fact that mobile internet is only going to become much more popular and accessible to people in the coming years, so that’s a factor that you’re not going to avoid–having a website that is mobile-friendly is slowing becoming less of a advantage and more of a standard these days, so you better not fall behind your competition in that aspect.

Doing the evolution is not only a great term from a great 90s song, but also a natural action for a brand’s progress and that’s something you’re not going to avoid if you want your website to be successful–you could say it’s just the way it is.

“Okay, I got that. But what the heck is an SSL and why should I install it!?”

So glad you asked!

While they have been available for users everywhere since almost twenty years ago, Secure Sockets Layer, most commonly known as SSL, are certificates of sorts that can assure to your website’s visitors that their most private data and information is directed to a secure network and they are not in dangers of any sorts.

Think of it as a guarantee of sorts regarding your visitors’ information.

Of course, it was more difficult to obtain this kind of certificate for your website because the internet was still on its earliest stages and finding content was a bit harder, but nowadays SSL are easy to find and quite beneficial for you and your viewers. Why? Let’s have a look in the following list:

  • Naturally, it makes your site more secure. This is a must for every self-respected website: the possibility of guaranteeing security to your users and viewers is a great way to gain their trust and to make things much easier for all parties involved–this is something that cannot be underestimated.
  • You need it if you offer products or services online and you accept credit cards. Having a SSL installed in your website is mandatory for you to accept credit card payments, so that is something you’re just not going to avoid when it comes to this particular aspect.
  • It makes your website much more authentic. This is a very important element to consider. How often we find websites that polluted with scams, virus and traps? It happens quite often on the internet, so it’s very important that you have a SSL installed because it’s going to give your website a degree of honesty and transparency that is very good for your brand.
  • Better Google positioning. Since 2014, Google updated its search algorithm so SSL-based websites could have a much better positioning because they are safer and much more transparent options for its users–if you’re interested in becoming an important internet brand, then this is something that you just can’t waste.
  • And… well, it has become mandatory in 2018. Yeah, we should have said that from the beginning, right? Well, that ship has sailed. Anyway, Google has stablished a rule that any website created in 2018 requires to have a SSL in order to exist on the internet, so it has become a necessity for you. Don’t worry for that because it makes things easier for everybody.


Great content is king when it comes to websites, I think we can all agree on that one, but presentation and security also plays a very big role to be successful. In 2018 it’s not only about content, but rather adapting to the demands of the market and to provide the kind of security that every user needs to become a much more coherent and safe place to visit J

Think about it as a football stadium: the match is fun and all, but you also have to provide great aesthetics to the design of the stadium and to provide security for everybody there, so there’s no risk or danger whatsoever.

Remember: clients are the most important thing of any business and you have to give them the best.

Your best.

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