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PPC Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As part of our internet marketing services for small businesses, we offer PPC (paid per click) marketing help. This means that we will get your business featured on Google, Bing, Yahoo and their search partners. Your business can appear under any keyword you wish. To help you out with your PPC campaigns, here are some Adwords and BingAds tips.

Keep Your Ad Groups Tight

Your ad groups need to be very relevant and focused. If you are going to target several keywords within one ad group, you need to make sure that those keywords are very similar. If they aren’t, you will have a hard time creating an ad that will target each search term. This will lead to lower click-through rates, which will lead to higher costs per click.

Keep Your CTR High

The lower your click-through rate (CTR), the less traffic you will get and the more it will cost you. Because of your low CTR, Google and Bing are not getting paid when they display your ad. This forces them to show a competitor’s ad or to charge you more per click. If your CTR is below four percent, try making your ad more relevant to your keywords.

Look at Your Quality Score

Both Google Adwords and BingAds give you a quality score for each campaign and ad group. This is a score on a scale from one to ten that depends on the relevance of your keywords, ad, and landing page. If your quality score is lower than five, you need to tweak your ads and landing page to make them relevant to each other.

What Types of Small Businesses Can Benefit from PPC Advertising?

Virtually every small business can benefit from implementing a pay-per-click marketing strategy to build its web presence. The trick (as mentioned above) is to identify targeted, relevant keywords, understand your target audience and develop a strategy that will drive the right types of leads.

There are a few characteristics of small businesses that can lead to increased PPC results and they are:

Businesses that Provide a Higher Customer Lifetime Value Doctors, educational programs, utility providers, and subscription services can typically establish higher PPC budgets because each conversion has the potential to yield a very high lifetime value for each new customer.

Businesses with High Profit Margins If your advertised product has a high profit, your business campaign may choose to pay more per click. Some examples are home renovations, big ticket items, lawsuits, or vehicles.

Businesses with Niche Products Selling a product or service that is difficult for consumers to find locally makes your business a great candidate for PPC advertising campaigns. People often rely on internet searches to locate unusual or rare products.

If any of these business traits sound like your small business, begin your pay-per-click advertising campaign right away.
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